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Coaching Services with Angie McCollum

Walk worthy… Step wisely… Serve others by guiding them on the path…  “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” (NIV) Psalm 90:12

My goal is to help clients understand the interdependencies of all six key lifestyle management areas so they can develop sustainable, health-promoting habits, break the vicious cycle of destructive habits, and increase confidence, productivity, and their overall well-being.

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Sophic Partners, LLC was created to help companies think strategically about their investment in talent and to help individuals make wise investments in themselves.  We provide a variety of coaching, insurance, and consulting services. Contact Sophic Partners today. Call (404)480-3025 to get you started!

Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from reaching your specific goals

“The Sophic Steps Habit Change program helped me realize I am smart and capable.  I can get out of my comfort zone and take chances.  I’ve gotten stronger and feel more confident charting my own path.  I’m eating and sleeping better.  I’m exercising regularly.  I’m managing stress and staying off of blood pressure medication.  I’m saying “no” more and sticking to my priorities.  I’m showing up for myself and flourishing because I have built a solid foundation of healthy habits.  Each successful step along the way motivates me.”  

- Chris

“The Sophic Steps Habit Change program was a Godsend during a very crazy time of my life.  Going through this program during such a stressful time helped me hold my ground and not backslide.  I even met my goals despite all the challenges I was facing.  This program was essential in keeping me accountable and regulating my emotions.  I’ve learned to focus on the positive, re-frame the negative, and consider my actions with curiosity rather than judgment. I’ve formed a new baseline of healthier habits and self-awareness.  I’m saying “yes” to myself after a lifetime of putting everyone else’s needs first.  I’m exercising and managing a challenging dietary protocol due to some health issues, and I might even be able to stop taking cholesterol medicine soon.”

- Beth

“The Sophic Steps Habit Change program gave me a consistent sounding board and stress management, as well as, organization, accountability, and follow-through during an extremely challenging time in my life.  I discovered that I can still learn and grow!  I can start a new job and develop a new area of expertise. It feels exciting, motivating, and empowering!  My confidence in being able to manage all aspects of my health and well-being: physical, mental, spiritual, career, relationships, and finances has gotten much stronger.  I’ve learned how to use mental rehearsal and deep breathing to clear my mind and envision myself succeeding.”  

- Carole

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