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About Us

Sophic means “to be wise”.  Sophic Health & Habits was created to help people develop wise habits and live the “Sophic Lifestyle”, which promotes holistic health and wellness.  

It's All Up To You

Sophic Partners, LLC was created to help companies think strategically about their investment in talent.

  • In today’s highly competitive and constantly changing environment, the Human Resources organization should be designed to facilitate, rather than impede, attainment of business objectives.  Smart HR functions leverage planning and analytics tools to evaluate performance, as well as, the processes, programs, and tools used to engage employees. Sophic Partners can promote workforce intelligence strategy and execution in your organization. 

  • Sophic Partners can work with individuals or employers to design habit change coaching programs to assist clients in identifying and accomplishing specific goals, providing tools, perspective, and structure to accomplish more through a process of accountability.  Our coaching programs address the whole person including physical health, mental outlook, social engagement, spiritual connection, professional potential, and financial stability. Our goal is to help clients understand the interdependencies of all six key lifestyle management areas so they can develop sustainable, health-promoting habits, break the vicious cycle of destructive habits, and increase confidence, productivity, and their overall well-being.

  • We can also provide individuals and small business owners guidance regarding health and life insurance benefits, as well as alternatives to the healthcare marketplace connecting you with affordable insurance for outstanding value. 

Image by Daan Stevens
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