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Primary / Preventive Care

Sophic means “to be wise”.  Sophic Health & Habits was created to help people develop wise habits and live the “Sophic Lifestyle”, which promotes holistic health and wellness.  

New Healthcare Alternatives 

  • New healthcare alternatives are becoming available at a rapid rate because we are facing a broken healthcare system. Traditional coverage can be un-affordable and unavailable to some people. New “non-insurance” models such as association health plans, concierge medicine, and other similar arrangements are quickly becoming viable alternatives.

  • Some examples include HIPnation, (Health Impact Partners), a direct primary care network currently operating in the Atlanta metro area, but rapidly expanding; as well as Medi-Share, and Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM), among others. Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC) options such as Essential Benefits Plans are also available. Sophic Partners can help you explore these options and supplement with Hospital / Surgical Indemnity options.


“I am a sixty year old person who needed to follow my physician to another practice which required switching to another type of insurance. This process is not easy, and can be mildly traumatic. I engaged Angie to help me make the transition. Her responses were detailed, complete, and were in keeping with my situation as I entered a somewhat tricky phase of health known as “my 60s”. Angie shaped my policy based on my health criteria, and just as importantly, my financial comfort level. I am most pleased.” Stanley

Image by Dylan Alcock
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